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Congratulations to Our Latest Graduate Zhongshuai Zhang

Zhongshuai Zhang

PhD degree, December 2016
Dynamic Temperature Mapping - Real-time MRI Strategies and Model-based Reconstructions



Congratulations also go to our previous graduates: 

Xiaoqing Wang

PhD degree, October 2016
Real-Time MRI and Model-Based Reconstruction Techniques for Parameter Mapping of Spin-Lattice Relaxation

Arijit Hazra

PhD degree, October 2016
Numerical Simulations of Bloch Equations for Dynamic Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Volkert Brar Roeloffs
PhD degree, Juni 2016
Development of Advanced Aquisitions and Reconstruction Techniques for Real-Time Perfusion MRI

Zhengguo Tan
PhD degree, April 2016
Advances in Real-Time Phase-Contrast Flow MRI and Multi-Echo Radial FLASH
[Online Version]

Christian Holme
Master degree, February 2016
Preparatory data analysis for the reconstruction of real-time MRI data
[Online Version]

Markus Untenberger
PhD degree, November 2015
Multi-Echo Radial FLASH Techniques for Real-Time-MRI
[Online Version]

Jakob Klosowski
Master degree, September 2015
Non-local Image Denoising for Real-time Magnetic Resonance Imaging
[Online Version]

Ilma Dewiputri
PhD degree, October 2014
An Exploration of Real-Time Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Neurofeedback in Cognition
[Online Version]

Arun Joseph
PhD degree, February 2014
Real-time MRI of moving spins using undersampled radial FLASH
[Online Version]

Meike Schweisfurth
PhD degree, May 2013
The somatosensory system: Exploration of digit somatopy and feature-based attention
[Online Version]

Andreas Uhl
PhD degree, February 2013
Gadoliniumhaltige Nanopartikel als Kontrastmittel in der Hochfeld-Magnetresonanz-Tomografie
[Online Version]

Tilman Sumpf
PhD degree, December 2012
Model-based nonlinear inverse reconstruction for T2 mapping using highly undersampled spin-echo MRI
[Online Version]

Aaron Niebergall
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), May 2012
Methodische Optimierung und Anwendungen von Echtzeit-Verfahren der Magnetresonanztomografie für die Darstellung von Sprachbewegungen

Alexander Karaus
PhD degree, May 2010
Aufbau und Anwendung von Verfahren der Magnetresonanztomografie mit stimulierten Echos
[Online Version]

Shuo Zhang
PhD degree, October 2009
Real-time magnetic resonance imaging.
[Online Version]

Dany V. D'Souza
PhD degree, September 2009
An fMRI study of chromatic processing in humans.
Spatial and temporal characteristics of the cortical visual areas. 
[Online Version]

Martin Uecker
PhD degree, July 2009
Nonlinear Reconstruction Methods for Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging
[Online Version]

Stephan Herrmann
Bachelor degree, June 2009
Echtzeit-Magnetresonanztomographie zur Darstellung von Gelenkbewegungen

Johannes Römer
Bachelor degree, Mai 2009
Echtzeit-Magnetresonanztomographie zur Darstellung von Sprachbewegungen

Tibor Auer
PhD degree, March 2009
Investigation of human brain function by applying neuroimaging techniques available in clinics
[Online Version]

Lars Kasper
Diploma degree, June 2008
Kontrastmöglichkeiten für die Magnetresonanztomografie der Maus im Hochfeld
[Online Version]

Tobias Block
PhD degree, September 2008
Advanced Methods for Radial Data Sampling in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
[Online Version]

Alexander Karaus
Diploma degree, March 2007
Weiterentwicklung der schnellen Magnetresonanz-Tomografie mit stimulierten Echos
[Online Version]

Agnieszka Burzynska
Master degree, 2007
White matter microstructure in CNS of mouse models of neurodegeneration - a correlation of MRI and histopathology

Henry Lütcke
PhD degree, September 2007
The role of human medial frontal cortex in cognition investigated by functional magnetic resonance imaging
[Online Version]

Ivana Gadjanski
PhD degree, October 2007
[Online Version]

Andreas Uhl
Diploma degree, 2007
Das Verhalten von neuartigen Kontrastmitteln in der Hochfeld-Magnetresonanz-Tomografie

Malte Lichtner
Bachelor degree, 2007
Diffusionstensor-Magnetresonanz-Tomografie des menschlichen Gehirns zur Rekonstruktion von Nervenfaserbahnen.
Optimierung der Diffusionswichtung

Jan-Philip Gehrcke
Bachelor degree, 2007
Diffusionstensor-Magnetresonanz-Tomografie des menschlichen Gehirns zur Rekonstruktion von Nervenfaserbahnen:
Einfluss der nicht diffusionsgewichteten Bilder

Andreas Reiserer
Bachelor degree, 2007
Höchstauflösende anatomische Magnetresonanz-Tomografie am primären visuellen Kortex des Menschen

Frederike Petzschner
Bachelor degree, 2007
Höchstauflösende Magnetresonanz-Tomografie des visuellen Kortex im menschlichen Gehirn. Funktionelle Charakterisierung

Matthias Küntzel
PhD degree, August 2006
Parallel Data Acquisition for the Acceleration of Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Stimulated Echoes
[Online Version]

Dirk Voit
PhD degree, March 2005
Weiterentwicklung höchstauflösender Messverfahren für die funktionelle MRT des menschlichen Gehirns
[Online Version]

Susanne Rieseberg
PhD degree, July 2004
Kartierung des Diffusionstensors mittels schneller MRT. Axonale Konnektivität im menschlichen Gehirn
[Online Version]

Tobias Block
Diploma degree, March 2004
Spiral k-Space Sampling in MRI
[Online Version]

Sven Bestmann
PhD degree, February 2004
Physiological Characterization of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI).
[Online Version]

Oliver Natt
PhD degree, December 2002
In Vivo Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Mouse Brain
[Online Version]


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